Do your friends point and ask, "how'd this dent happen?" When they see your new car?

With Dent Terminator's Micro Kinetic Shrinking Process™ dent repair  your car's metal is put back in place so gently, your paint won't know we were ever there. 

What Kind of Dents Are in Your Car?

Dents like this are smaller than a coin. 

Sometimes the sky does fall. When your car gets dented, here's the next steps.

These dents can be quite large. If yours has no paint damage, we should look. 

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Fixing Your Dents Should Be Fast and Easy!

What if your dent could be fixed in one day or less, for a fraction of the cost to paint it? 

You want that dent removed but a conventional body shop repair is hundreds or thousands of dollars for a repair. And who wants to be without a car for three days or longer?

Dent Terminator can fix your car in as little as one day and save you money too.

Plus, the factory paint stays intact. You keep your original paint warranty and the rust and chip protection only the original paint can give.

Call today for your free Five Point Damage Analysis of your dent and you’ll know exactly how much money and time Paintless Dent Removal by Dent Terminator will save you.

If you have questions about a dent, you can call today, (918) 212-4455

Or, send a photo by text to (918) 622-6665.

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Brad Evans

"Someone smacked my door with something in a parking lot and left a dime sized dent on my 2011 Dodge Ram 1500. This is my baby that I work hard to keep it like new so I was devastated. I researched paintless dent repair shops in Tulsa and came across Dent Terminator and after reading all the positive reviews decided to give them a try.

Tim met me at my truck as soon as I pulled up, he introduced himself looked at the damage and said he could do it for a great price and 30 minutes and he could do it right then. He pulled it into his shop, offered me a drink and snacks. He even offered to let me watch him work. It was neat to see how he used various tools to get the dent out. While he was working we had great conversations and before I knew it he was done.

You can’t even tell it ever happened, I was amazed at his professionalism and expertise! I highly recommended to everyone. Tim, thank you for the conversation and the excellent experience you provided

Definitely recommend!"