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[thrive_drop_caps color=’blue’ style=’1′]F[/thrive_drop_caps]emale car owners are being targeted in mall parking lots with fake car dent repairs.
Here’s how it works. Someone approaches you in a parking lot and tells you the dent in your car can be repaired while you shop.
When you return, the dented area is covered with wax and the scammer tells you not to remove the wax until 4 hours later as the repair has to cure. You pay them and go home.
When you wipe it off later, you find cracked paint or worse, paint from a hardware store spray can was used and looks awful. The scammer is nowhere to be seen.
There are different variations of this scam, but the results are the same. Here’s how you can avoid getting ripped off on your dent repairs.

  • Always choose a reputable company.
  • Call the Better Business Bureau and check the record of the company name.
  • Is their company name on their shirt as you would expect from a professional?
  • If you have internet on your phone, check the company’s website. (Caution: some will use others website to make them look legit.)
  • If someone tells you they work for us, ask to see their Drivers license and check for their name on the Dent Terminator about page.

The above video is from Savvy Consumer Chris Bjorklund

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