Minor dent?

Get your car back to new, without painting, leaving it for days, or lowering its value

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Hail Damage

Hail is priced by size and count. To give an accurate estimate we need to see the car in person.

Minor Dents

Larger dents can be fixed when no paint damage had occurred. Often, they can be fixed in one day.

Door Dings

Anything that is about the size of a coin is a door ding. These can often be fixed while you wait.

Has someone dented your car? Have you been in a hailstorm?

Are you frustrated at making payments on a car with a glaring flaw?

You want that dent removed but a conventional body shop repair is $300.00 to 500.00 or more per panel, and you can’t afford to be without your car for three days or longer.

Dent Terminator can fix your car in as little as one day and save you money too.

Plus, the factory paint stays intact. You keep your original paint warranty and the rust and chip protection only the original paint can give.

Call today for your free Five Point Damage Analysis of your dent and you’ll know exactly how much money and time Paintless Dent Removal by Dent Terminator will save you.

Browse this site to see before and after photos, videos and all you need to know about fixing dents with no painting. If you have questions about a dent, you can text a photo or call today, (918)622-6665

How to choose dent removal in Tulsa by Dent Terminator paintless dent repair

Oh no, you've got a dent in your car.
You think just great! If I take this to the body shop its going to cost me $500, take 3 to 5 days to repair, and...
its actually going to lower the value of my car to have it painted.

You may already know that paintless dent repair is the right choice when it comes to fixing dents like this.
But who does paintless dent repair, and more importantly, who does the best job in Tulsa, Oklahoma?
At first glance, there seems to be many choices out there.
Dent shops, body shops, mechanic shops, even car washes claim that they fix dents in cars without painting.
The trouble is, you don't know who to trust when it comes to paintless dent repair.

What, you say, isn't all Tulsa dent repair the same?
It may surprise you to learn that the skill of paintless dent repair is a lot like plastic surgery.
Just as much depends on the skills of the surgeon, the results of dent repair also depend on the skills of the dent repair tech. If you choose a good plastic surgeon you'll have good results, but if you choose poorly you have to live with the scars from now on.
It is the same with your car.

Maybe you should get a referral, but who are you going to ask?
What about the car salesman? He was a nice guy.
Here's the problem: he's going to refer you to the tech who fixes dents on the back lot on their used cars. What's wrong with that?
The trouble with the used car dent tech is they are often doing work that is low-quality for cheap prices.
Because of this push for lower prices, the technician is always compromising the repair. Here is a car that was fixed at a Tulsa used car lot recently. Notice where the paintless dent repair tech drilled holes in the car, scarring it for life and lowering the value.
And you know what? These holes were not even necessary. Those dents could have been fixed without drilling. Worse than that, it is a safety issue too.

See, this is the area designed to fold up in an accident to keep the driver safe. Drilling a hole there changed the design and now could be considered unsafe.
This high-speed, low quality approach of the used car dent repair tech is not what you want for your car, and could cause you problems down the road.

But still, you need and want the best paintless dent repair you can find.
Maybe you could ask your local body shop for referral. Is that a good idea?
Not always.
Have you heard this old saying?
Never ask a barber if you need a haircut? The same often goes for body shops. See, they really don't get paid unless they paint your car.
I worked in body shops for eight years so I know how the game is played.
Fact is, all the dents you've seen in this video were customers who were told they needed to have their cars repainted.
So Let me have the first look and with my experience fixing dents without painting, I'll give you an honest answer.
Call us today or even text a photo of your dent and we'll be glad to look at it with no cost to you.

Why should you choose Dent Terminator of Tulsa to fix the dent on your car? For 21 years now, the finest cars in Tulsa have been fixed by us without painting.
Our paintless dent repairs are guaranteed for as long as you own your vehicle.
So give us call today, and we'll get your car back in shape.