You already know a repainted car has less value than one with no damage.

Sometimes it has to be re-sprayed, no way around it. Paintless dent repair has saved many cars from this fate.

Did you know even the best paint job leaves signs of not being applied at factory? Just ask the appraiser at the used car dealer. She can spot it every time. Even in the dark, with her eyes closed.

What is her secret weapon against surprise hidden damage?

The edges. See, factory paint is applied via electrostatic spray. The paint clings to everything. Even going around corners, making the edges of car panels silky smooth.

This is not easily duplicated in a body shop.

Next time you are shopping for a car, check those edges. Even a brand new car can have damage.

Also, if you get a dent, let us take a look before you go to a collision repair shop. If we can save it from needing a repaint, we will.

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