[thrive_toggles_group”][thrive_toggles title=”Can I Use a Pops A Dent or Glue Puller on my dents?” no=”1/7″] The Glue Pull system was designed for professional use. It has been marketed to the public, however not one news station has given it a good review. Either it won’t work at all or worse, it looks a little better but now you’re left with a high spot[/thrive_toggles][thrive_toggles title=”Will you save my deductible for Hail Damage?” no=”2/7″]Now that insurance companies require paintless dent removal for hail damage repair, it has become common for adjusters or estimators to write lower amounts for repair. This means that a qualified repair facility like Dent Terminator will need to contact the insurance company and issue a supplement.
Only about half the cars with hail claims will be repaired. This is the owner’s choice, of course, but insurance companies are not willing to pay out high claims for cars that won’t be fixed.
To offset this, they must write carefully to avoid unnecessary losses.[/thrive_toggles][thrive_toggles title=”Will you help me get more out of the insurance company?” no=”3/7″] Yes, as long as we are making the repairs. If your car is written low by the insurance company, we will file a supplement for the shortfall.[/thrive_toggles]
[thrive_toggles title=”Will you finance my deductible?” no=”4/7″]Dent Terminator accepts all major credit cards for paintless dent repair and hail damage deductibles.[/thrive_toggles]
[thrive_toggles title=”Should I Pop or push out my own dent?” no=”5/7″] Please don’t. Sometimes this can work just fine, but most times it is disastrous. It can stretch the metal, rendering it un-repairable.
Also it is likely an additional charge will be needed to repair the attempted repair.[/thrive_toggles][thrive_toggles title=”Will the Paint Crack?” no=”6/7″] On rare occasions, the paintless dent removal process over stresses the paint and small cracks can appear. The shop you choose should be willing to show the repair to you under a pocket microscope.[/thrive_toggles][thrive_toggles title=”Will paintless dent removal cause the backside to rust?” no=”7/7″] An inexperienced dent repair tech can cause problems with his repair technique by scratching the protection off the backside of the panel.
In the hands of a skilled tech this is never a problem. Cars today are made with double side galvanized steel. Dent Terminator will restore the ecoat on the backside of high risk panels.[/thrive_toggles][/thrive_toggles_group]