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Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) can put your dented car back in shape faster without lowering its value


Get your car back in one day

Paintless repair works on large dents, not just small. Yes, we do fix a lot of hail damaged cars in Tulsa. 

When we see a car get painted which didn't need it, we cringe. Why? Because we know that car's  value just went down. It's a repaint. From here on forever forward. 

Worse, it may well have been reported to CARFAX. Might as well paint a scarlet "R" on the hood when you sell it. 

We can't fix every dent, its true. But our smartest customers always let us look first. Text us a photo and we'll give you a quick answer. 

Check out the benefits 

No Diminished Value

Repairs are done without plastic filler or paint. 

Since your paint is still factory fresh, your car's value stays the same. 

Insurance Approved

When necessary, we work directly with insurance so you don't have to. 

They have been recommending PDR for hail damage and minor dents since 2001. 

Fast Repair

Typical dents are repaired with paintless in just one day. 

Your car will not sit for weeks in a body shop waiting for parts or any reason. 


Dents fixed with no paint

What You’ll Get During Your Body Shop Alternative Repair

Look, when you say, 'You guys can't fix everything!' You are correct. So we start with some carefully crafted pix taken by you. We even show you how to shoot your dent like a pro in this video

  • fast yes or no via texted photos
  • Price range and time needed from photos
  • Locked down price - guaranteed not to change once we see it in person
  • Explanation of all charges and factors
  • Help with insurance claim (if necessary)
  • Fast, top notch repairs by father and sons tech team. No used car level repairs here. We just don't do 'em. 

They Say

What They Say

I had thought a Full Body Shop was needed...

They removed three small dents in my car. Due to the locations of three of the dents I was surprised they could be removed without having to dismantle the door and hood. I watched them as they worked and was amazed at what an exceptional job they did and how they did it.

I had thought two of the dents would have had to be removed by full body shop where they would remove the panels. They did the work in a short time and did not have to remove any panels.

Friendly atmosphere that made me feel comfortable. They do outstanding work!

ms Bobby Tanner

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