There is no more helpless feeling than watching your car get smacked with hail dents.
Its loud, its scary and we want it to stop.
A North Texas man has invented what looks like a solution – the hail protector.
You can see it is effective at stopping even large damage, but how likely are you to use it?
More important, what is the effect on your paint as it is installed.
I’ve fixed lots of hail damage without painting in the last 20 years, prior to this, I was an auto painter.
One brave customer in 1990 risked life and limb during a hail storm, and tossed a shag carpet remnant over his car to protect it.
Did it stop the hail? Not completely, but the stiff backing of the carpet sure scratched his paint.
We refinished the whole car.
In his case, the hail wasn’t even severe.
Fact is, you are better off doing nothing. Most hail storms don’t create stones large enough to hurt your car. In the rare instances they do, having it repaired with paintless dent removal is the best option.
If the hail protector does go to market, might be a nice option for your classic car in the driveway.
Just remember to keep it plugged in. Then pray the electricity stays on.
UPDATE: A representative of the Hail Protector commments below about the power options.
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