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Reverse your shark fin roof antenna damage without paint

Let’s back up a minute. You sure the garage door is up all the way? Bam! Guess not.

Those antennas barely stick up a few inches. But when they catch on something can cause much damage.

We call them shark fins since they mimic the dorsal fin of a great white shark. But also since the damage cost can get crazy. Like a shark bite to wallet.

Here’s why they cause so much damage.

  • How its mounted
  • Its a hole in your car’s roof
  • They stretch the metal

The mounting nut under the antenna is not much bigger than a 25 cent piece. Small mount when you think about the 3″ X 7″ or longer antenna fin.

When the antenna whacks a garage door, it can actually rip right out the roof hole. Even if its not ripped out, the damage around that hole is severely stretched. Add to this the ripple surrounding it can reach from the driver’s edge all the way across to the other.

Dent Terminator can fix it with our specialized tools. If you have a new antenna we can replace it or get one for you.

Sometimes the damage does not appear that bad. But beware, the seal on the rooftop antenna is just a small, thin gasket. You will get water leaking into your car. This could damage the headliner or other pieces on the way down. Worse, it could cause a mold issue and you might not know it.

We guarantee your repair to not leak after we straighten and shrink the hole back to factory specs.

To perform the repair, your headliner needs to come down. You can expect a total cost of $250 to $800 for this repair. Price depends on the size of the secondary damage to the surrounding roof . Time to repair: 1 day.

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